Regent's Park Open Air Theatre - Seating Plan

The seating at the fabulous Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park forms a sloping semi-circle around the stage with room for an impressive 1,200 or so people.

You’ll find premium seats in the middle to top rows in the front tier, the one nearest the stage, and the next best seats in the central three sections of the rear tier as well as throughout the front tier. The cheapest seats in the house tend to be the far right and left hand sides of the rear tier and those in a row along the very back of the auditorium. On the whole, though, most seats here offer really good views of the stage.

The main entrance to the venue is through Queen Mary’s Gardens via a sloping path. There are a few shallow steps between the lower tier - nearest the stage - and the seats. Plus there are slightly steeper steps on the upper tier, which come without a safety rail.